Blockbuster : To see the enterprise strength of TIWIN From 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Fair

Blockbuster : To see the enterprise strength of TIWIN From 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Fair

Blockbuster : To see the enterprise strength of TIWIN From 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Fair


 The Eighteenth Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Guangya Exhibition") in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (Guangzhou) has come to an end for more than half month, but the surprise and sensation that Jiangsu Tianying Light Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "T.Y.") brought did not fade. With the theme of “"light moving Guangya, sword sharping T.Y." , T.Y. gave high-profile appearance at A26 H 3.1 in brand part a gold booth with 584 square meters. During the four-day exhibition , with bright brand image, exciting booth activities, shocking guest lineup, T.Y. became biggest highlight, winning a standing ovation.


Bright moving Guangya, highlighting the brand energy

  Tianying participated the Guangya Exhibition for the first time, becoming the focus of the industry with regard to "the largest area of the booth, the most innovative design, the most promising products and the most exciting range of activities". Tianying Light pavilion is located in Pazhou Complex at Booth No. A26 H 3.1 Area A, which is a Brand Golden Pavilion, covering 584 square meters, is one of the most professional lighting brand exhibition hall;. Designed by the German professional exhibition design company, the booth successfully implemented the technology , design and cultural harmony into union, perfectly interpreted the theme "healthy city green life" T.Y. shown thirty variety of types of LED lighting products including hundred Championship exhibition, not only covering a variety of lighting scenes , but also building lighting, Android APP intelligent control lighting systems and other newly developed products will be officially released; For a successful end, lighting industry experts, academics and designers were invited the attend the media briefing, new product launching, urbanization seminars and more other variety of live events.

  Committed to being a leader in optical applications , Tianying light, whether from booth design, or on-site activities, was actively promoting the combination of "City" and "green" elements, perfectly interpreted theme of the show "healthy cities, green life". Through research and innovation of new materials, new technologies, new marketing model , using technology, lighting design and energy saving, high efficient service, T.Y. provided customers with comfortable, pleasant and safe light environment, and created green civilized light culture.


Orderly unified T.Y.

  On Guangya Exhibition site, the reporter saw that Tianying staff wearing a dark blue uniform and introducing the product to customers and guests in orderly manner. Pavilion was full of loud voices, but their services and smile were always courteous, perfectly showing visitors Tianying people hard-working, united and orderly corporate culture .

  Tianying firmly believe that employees are the power of the source to consolidate the strength. With great enthusiasm and perseverance put into by every employee, night fighting, sincere cooperation, ensure Guangya Exhibition a successful ending. Besides the project team, Tianying also has a excellent professional lighting design team whose people are from architectural design, art design, environmental design and industrial design and other related industries and services , experienced with a number of major engineering and lighting construction and installation service, enables to provide customers with comprehensive, integrated lighting design, products and services.


Multi-focus highlight strategic strength

 With excellent strategic concept in the Guangya Exhibition,, from a new perspective, Tianying remarks the enterprise strength of being the leader industry.

  After a new urbanization construction-related policy research, combined with experience of cities, roads, home lighting area , Tianying in Guangya Exhibition first proposed "urban lighting" concept, in order to open up LED lighting field with a new developing road by new strategic thinking. During the activities, Tianying invited Fudan University, Professor Chen Dahua to make a lecture " on the impact of new urbanization construction to the lighting industry,", attracting many foreign and domestic lighting enterprises, experts to participate in communication, and got attention of Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and the high-level media in the industry . It is said from CCTV news report: "This Guangya Exhibition, it is Tianying that firstly proposed 'urban lighting' concept, is an urban lighting' pioneer under the new urbanization.

  In addition to media reports, Tianying’s strategic strength won unanimously approval the light industry leaders. China Lighting Association, vice chairman and secretary general, China's semiconductor lighting / LED industry alliance chairman Chen Yansheng speeched at application of optical media in Tianying conference "Starting from the green, green renewable energy industry ,T.Y. enters the LED industry. I am very shocked by the exhibition lineup and I felt its determination to be bigger and stronger, I hope it will continuously make progress and make new contributions to the LED industry! "

  Under many aspects attention, with forward-looking strategic development vision, combined with the latest policy, T.Y. successfully climbed to be one of the LED lighting brands forest, successfully leading the LED lighting industry to make new breakthroughs.


  With outstanding performance, T.Y gained social community's attention and support, showing solid strength and brand influence as LED lighting industry top brand , became a black horse during the Guangya Exhibition. Continuing to focus on national policies, adhere to the corporate mission "Healthy Cities, green life," creating a rich and diverse culture, growing brand strength, T.Y. is determined to become the leader in LED lighting technology, the best products and services provider, the strongest leader to be capable of integrating resources in optical applications.

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