pioneered the concept of building lighting Tianying light will debut China International Building Materials Exhibition

pioneered the concept of building lighting Tianying light will debut China International Building Materials Exhibition

pioneered the concept of building lighting Tianying light will debut China International Building Materials Exhibition


  At August 15, 2013, the twenty-fourth China (Shanghai) International Building Materials and interior decoration exhibition will be held in Shanghai. As building materials lighting field pioneer and advocator, Tianying will carry a variety of "building materials lighting" products unveiled at A9 booth in he Pudong New International Expo Center. After the first proposal of "building materials lighting" concept in the recent Guangya Exhibition ,this is the second time for offering the gift to the industry.

Tianying leading innovation, building lighting integration

  The so-called building lighting, according to the change of a specific building decoration materials and lighting equipment, can be used in building materials, decoration materials range, and used as decoration equipment with a combination of integrated lighting effect.

  The lamp has always been a kind of building materials, a very small part in the construction decoration material. Earlier the lamp is a light source, added with a shade light control device, is only a single lighting function appliance. Later lamp with the crystal lamp, cloth, formed lighting. That is, the function of lamp is not only lighting, but also a decoration. Last Guangya Exhibition, Tianying first proposed the concept of building lighting products, organically combined with building materials , in practical applications,it is building materials, but also lighting, saving more material, improving the efficiency of performance.

  In this exhibition, Tianying will carry a variety of building materials lighting products , bringing a feast of vision and creativity for the majority of the industry.


A wide variety of articles, Tianying committed to innovation

  In the Building Materials Exhibition, in addition to emitting corner lines, T.Y. will showcase three products which are popular in Guangya Exhibition:

  Light emitting side pass and luminous tact is a utility model patented product, exterior dimensions is in conformatity with traditional installation method , combined with building materials and lighting function, without destroying the ceiling structure, makes the whole lighting space more harmonious.

  With the advantages of LED’s small size, adopting engraving light guide technology, changing the linear light source into surface light source, luminous wall is made to be standard light module, light uniformity. Sticky surface is covered by a layer of a natural extension rock transparent material which is newly researched and developed, no frame design, combined with the wall perfectly, achieved both fashion beauty and lighting requirements.

  LED lighting glass is a kind of high-tech glass building materials. The technical core is to integrate customized LED chip on the glass, to show the photoelectric effect through controlling circuit, the combination of completely transparent glass shape and colorful light elements, keeps the advantages of laminated glass, and adds special effects of glass internal active luminous as well, greatly improves the sense of art.

  Around the concept of building lighting, T.Y. products department and R & D departments organized a special team on research of combination of LED lighting and construction, building materials. Through communicating with the designer, getting feedback, more creativity and product ideas of led building lighting related to construction, and building material will be gained, thus further to enrich Tianying’s building lighting products group. Currently, a variety of products and technologies independently researched and developed by Tianying have been applied for and passed a national patent.

  During this exhibition, Tianying will have two mystery product grandly displayed, they are scenario smallpox and light brick respectively , when the roof and ground shows beautiful and changeable natural scene ,here comes the surprise. Tianying , it is worth looking forward to!


Deeply exchange experience, T.Y. lead the future

  T.Y. has a excellent light design and professional service team whose people are from building design, art design, environment&art design and industry design and other related to, committed to combination of light and space, building concept and light design, traditional culture and modern life, persuing quality, details and perfect

  T.Y. continuously develop diverse product and research high-tech LED lamps. Till now, its product range has expanded from initial government engineering product to commercial, civil lighting, landscape lighting and other related LED product. It has become one of the leading LED lighting solution provider, putting efforts to create healthy city, advocating green life

 During the building fair, T.Y. Will invite majority of designer, building material experts and industry association leader to have a look at the varieties of colourful building lighting product in the showcase. Senior industry leaders expressed so advanced concept will bring out a huge design innovation in the future building decoration industry.

  Except for inviting guests to visit, T.Y. Organized a varieties of activities , building lighting seminars, forums and some others will be carried out during the show .

  T.Y hopes that from this exhibition, more and more people will realize the potential value of building lighting, and that it predicts that T.Y will step into the leadership in the building lighting even in the lighting field. Majority of the led industry and people who are interested in the building lighting are warmly welcome to visit our booth, we sincerely wish this building show will be a platform to a industry’s cooperation and communication. It is wished that more and more decoration and building unit will cooperate with T.Y., and more and more energy-saving new building material will be developed.

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